Team Registration

Due to the current pandemic situation, we are forced to enact the following changes for this year’s event:
1) Sma
ller Cook-off space limit in roughly 10ft x 10ft spacing per team.
2) Smaller venue (though still cool)
at a new, temporary location in North Austin
3) 18 Teams in 2 Heats of 9 teams each
4) Propane Only

5) Limited Parking – Ride Share HIGHLY encouraged
– Teams will have one and only one (1) reserved parking space.
6) No BYOB. No outside alcohol allowed. Alcohol will be sold by the venue ONLY.

Otherwise, team Registration is easy. Just follow the quick Steps below. Once in Eventbrite you will be asked Team Related questions. Please fill out completely – be sure to include a VALID and WORKING email address.

Step 1

Choose a Competition Category – Either Traditional or Non-Traditional (aka, Keep Paella Weird). Create a cool name and choose your captain.

Step 2

Choose a Presentation Time. Please note the following:

  • This year’s competition is a PROPANE ONLY event. Sorry, space limitations and venue requirements are forcing us to make this temporary restriction.
  • Presentation time slots are limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Due to space limitations, there will only be two heats this year, 9 teams each. Second heat teams will use first heat teams assigned spots – so first heat teams will need to clean out their spot immediately after Presentation Time to allow second heat teams access.
  • The presentation time refers to the time your paella must be ready and presented for judging. 
  • Teams may arrive as early as 2 1/2 hours before their presentation time begin set-up. Teams cannot arrive later than 1/2 hour before their presentation time to begin cooking. Due to space limitations, teams in the first heat MUST clear out their spot and allow the second heat team to use your assigned spot. Please see the schedule below:
Arrival TimeCooking Time Starts (Access to Station)Presentation Time (Pans Up – Procession)Purchase Ticket Team Clean-up Completed
9:30AM 10:00AM 12:30PM Paella Team Bundle: 12:30 Heat1:00PM (Please leave station as you found it)
12:30PM 01:00PM 03:30PMPaella Team Bundle: 3:30 Heat 4:00PM (Please leave station as you found it)

Step 3

Teams must read and agree to the latest team Rules of Engagement and the Judging Criterion as there have been changes to some of the requirements.

Step 4

Register and pay registration fees online. Each Team Bundle costs $35 (service fees included). Bundles include 3 tickets for core team members. Please note: One and only One Team Bundle per Team is allowed – any additional Team Bundles purchases must be associated with a separate and unique Team, otherwise it will be promptly refunded. Once completed, a discount code will be sent to the purchaser via email to buy up to three extra team member helper tickets at a 50% reduction off of the regular admission price. Discount codes may only be used once and have an expiration date.

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