Team Registration

Team Registration is easy. Just follow the quick Steps below. Once in Eventbrite you will be asked Team Related questions. Please fill out completely – be sure to include a VALID and WORKING email address.

Step 1

Choose a Competition Category – Either Traditional or Non-Traditional (aka, Keep Paella Weird). Create a cool name and choose your captain.

Step 2

Choose a Presentation Time. Please note the following:

  • Presentation time slots are limited and available on a first come, first served basis.
  • The presentation time refers to the time your paella must be ready or the first round of judging. 
  • Teams may arrive as early as 3 hours before their presentation time to set-up and start cooking 30 minutes later. Teams cannot arrive later than 1/2 hour before their presentation time to begin cooking. Please see the schedule below:
Arrival TimeCooking Time StartsPresentation TimePurchase Ticket
09:30AM 10:00AM 12:30PM (TBD)Paella Team Bundle: 12:30 Heat (This Timeslot is still TBD)
11:00AM 11:30AM 02:00PM Paella Team Bundle: 2:00 Heat
12:30PM 01:00PM 03:30PMPaella Team Bundle: 3:30 Heat

Step 3

Teams must read and agree to the latest team Rules of Engagement and the Judging Criterion as there have been changes to some of the requirements.

Step 4

Register and pay registration fees online. Each Team Bundle costs $39 (service fees included). Bundles include 3 tickets for core team members. Please note: One and only One Team Bundle per Team is allowed – any additional Team Bundles purchases must be associated with a separate and unique Team, otherwise it will be promptly refunded. Once completed, a discount code will be sent to the purchaser via email to buy up to three extra team member helper tickets at a 50% reduction off of the regular admission price. Discount codes may only be used once and have an expiration date.

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