What to Expect

 *** What to Expect ***

Paella Lovers United Annual Cook-off is just that – a paella cook-off between competing teams.  Teams are anxious and ready and provide their individual paella’s to the waiting crowd, certainly to the best that can be done. What the cook-off is NOT, is an “All You Can Eat Buffet“.   Though the Event tries to handle the ever growing crowd, there are limits as to how much paella is available from the competing teams at any one time.  And, by the nature of the structure, the competing lines can get a little long – however, they do move quickly.  To balance out the crowd/food ratio,  the event also provides in various locations throughout the site, tapas from local sponsors, and Sponsored paellas from numerous providers which are located about the grounds to help moderate long lines.   In general, this is a day long event and as such throughout the day, there is usually enough food that nobody goes hungry.   Sorry, there are no refunds.