Meet the Team

Kelty Christman

10304875_740032322742503_2273986063487192423_nKelty Vaquerano started the paella contest in the backyard of her former Windsor Park home in 2003 with just eight competing teams. Since that time, and with the help of scores of people, including her fellow co-conspirators below, the event has grown exponentially to 30 competing teams and hundreds of guests each year. She is delighted the Paella Lovin’ community in Austin continues to expand and looks forward to paella season each year.  Kelty has shamelessly recruited her husband Carlos (pictured) as a recurring volunteer, paella and tapas taster, and looks forward to the day their daughter Gladys Barbara takes home first place in the contest.

Vince Parrilla

Vincenzo Parrello is our technical and site director. He takes care of all the site prep, sound system, lighting, website and logistics. He has also been to city sponsored paella festivals in Valencia Spain where he got the paella bug.  Course, not to be left out, he also provides paella for the masses by cooking paella for our adoring fans on our grand 36-44″ paella pan.

Luz Loza is our tapas specialist.Columbian born, Austin transplanted – she is involved in numerous activities from food decision, prep and table setting. Her active role makes her a very valuable addition to Paella Lovers United.