Paella Teams Info Page

The following information is from some of our 2017 competing teams concerning themselves and their wonderful paellas.  Great way to become more informed as to what goes into all their hard work and love.


What is your Team Name Story Behind Team Name Category How many years competing with PLU? Tell us about your competition paella, (special Ingredients, inspiration, etc…)
Hollertown Classic Hollertown is a place where everybody works together to have the best possible time with friends, food, and music. Traditional First Year I have incorporated a special paste that marries all the flavors of tradition. I am inspired by my Spanish heritage and, of course, the pan.
Paella y Pael Play on words with the word paella, meaning for her and for him Traditional 1-3 years It’s a secret!!!!
Estrecho de Gibraltar In English means Strait of Gibraltar. We were going to be Strait out of Gibraltar (like straight outta Compton) but my Spanish isn’t that good. We picked up a name quickly because you have to have a name when you sign up. Traditional 1st year We have practiced a few different recipes and found that even though most of us love seafood, seafood Paella doesn’t translate well in our opinions. We are going with a very straight forward simple Paella with a very rich stock linchpin. We mostly likely will not be in costume but will let our Paella do the talking. We are looking to dethrone the current champion!
Paella B8 Group of 8 Texans Friends (Bola 8) Traditional 1-3 years As opposed to last year we are going very traditional only using pork and chicken as the protein sources. Our pork is from the breed Kurobata or Berkshire coming from Snake River Farms and using fresh chicken from a local Texas Farm. Our focus is simplicity but with high uality to truly highlight the classic Valencia Style Paella flavors obviously using Bomba rice and our secret broth. We believe that having fun while cooking is the best overall recipe!!! Ole!!!
Walking Dead Paella Two things my brother LOVES; Paella and The
Walking Dead
Keep Paella Weird 1st year We like it spicy, and hot, hot, hot.
Paella Pro We have used this for festivals in Washington for years Keep Paella Weird 1st year Think Thaiella
Exitos Fantabulosos We love exitos, we are fantasticos and also fabulosos Traditional 1-3 years After years of making paellas with family and friends in Spain and Switzerland, we are proud to bring the family recipe to USA. We try to use Spanish ingredients with the sabor original, from the rice to the saffron.
Pa’Ella Rico Paella So one time I see a PBS special about Spain with Mario Batali and Gwyneth Paltrow. I was intrigued by everything there. specially paella. So I started making in my backyard with a pan and normal rice and whatever I can get my hands on. The first time I made it was pretty good but not traditional paella more like chicken rice with shrimp. So I started practicing more and more and more and so I got pretty good at it. Now I’m using more traditional ingredients the best quality I can find. Me and my wife make it all time. So five years ago my sister-in-law who lives in Austin told me about a paella Festival and contest. She told me to enter the competition. But at that time I wasn’t able to. So 3 years ago was my first PLU competition. We’ve been getting better and better results every year. The reason why we call ourselves Pa’Ella Rico is because that’s my wife and sister-inlaw maiden name. So it’s a play on words almost. And now my passion is making paella. Traditional 1-3 years We use all import spices and rice from Spain. And we proudly use Dacsa rice in our Paella. The official brand rice of La Liga de Paellas in Valencia. We also use one or two Ñoras, a dried pepper from Spain. But the main ingredient is a passion we bring to make a perfect paella.
OnTheOne Myself and John Graham are musicians. The One is where the soul is. Traditional 4-6 years We will be preparing a traditional paella made with love and soul. My wife keeps us in balance.
Los Sofritos Sabrosones Traditional Chicken and pork paella
Pans on Fire We caught our pan on fire in our first paella practice and the name stuck. Traditional 1st Year As this is our first year in the competition, we opted for a traditional paella and our focus will be on perfecting the flavor of each ingredient.
My Paella Travels My Paella Travels concept began in Dripping Springs, the gateway to the Texas Hill Country, 5 years ago and has traveled from Texas to Tennessee, Louisiana and Georgia creating a contemporary spin on authentic paella. Lisa brings the paella experience to her guests and creates works of paella art before their eyes. They taste as great as they look! Keep Paella Wierd 1-3 years Lisa creates paella with authentic techniques and ingredients with a Southern twist. She adds local ingredients including a Nashville made Spanish Chorizo sausage, Southern seafood and ingredients that honor the local produce of the Nashville area. Although she created her unique take on paella when she was living in the Austin area, her fusion paella of hot chicken won her first place in a paella cook off in Nashville. Lisa is also a sommelier and got her “food art” inspiration after visiting the California wine country and hanging out with local paella chefs there.
Paulino Cooks My name is Paulino Castillo and I love to cook all kinds of food. Traditional 1st Year It will be rabbit and chicken thighs with a little hot paprika.
Bomba Masters Our team is named for bomba, the traditional rice used in authentic Spanish paellas. Through years of practice and consumption, our team members have crafted themselves into true paella masters hence the name, Bomba Masters! Traditional 1-3 Years We only use the freshest, traditional Spanish ingredients. True to Spanish form, we start with bomba rice, one of the most important ingredients and Spanish saffron. Other authentic Spanish ingredients include Spanish chorizo, Spanish paprika and Spanish olive oil, imported from Spain. With the addition of locally sourced fresh vegetables and seafood it’s the only way to make a true Spanish Paella! The inspiration comes from trips to Spain (Sevilla, Valencia, Cadiz, Barcelona).