Would you like to volunteer?

Paella Lovers United relies heavy on it’s highly valued volunteers.   For those wishing to help in making our annual event a reality, the following volunteering openings are available.  We will try to accommodate your time schedules as best we can, but please be flexible as to date/times we have available as this is when we need the help.  Volunteers may or may not be needed on the day of the event but as we schedule.  Minimum time requirement is 2 hrs of actual on-duty participation and could be greater.  Participants will be given a free entry ticket.  Signing up is not a guarantee of participation – we will also contact you.

Areas Include:

  • Site Prep
  • Food Prep/Servers
  • Gate Keeping/Ticketing
  • Parking
  • Recycling Management
  • Beverage Dispensing – Must have TABC Certification
  • Team Management.
  • Other

Please use our SignUp Website and pick from a number of available positions.