Paella Team Signup & Information

2018 Paella Team Signup

   *** 2018 Team Position Not Available Yet – Please Standby ***

Thank you for your interest in cooking and joining our little celebration! Signup is simple and can all be done online.

There are two judging categories – Traditional and Keep Paella Weird. Traditional is how either Valencians or Spaniards in general think of Paella. This includes both meat and seafood versions – and will be judged according to traditional standards. Keep Paella Weird is for everything else – creative spins,  squid ink, cactus and rattle snake, vegetarian, beer, etc – go for it!. Our judging standards are below, so you know beforehand what we’re looking for and how each element of your paella will be judged. You must pick a category when signing up.

And, of course, you can also just choose to not be judged and make your own paella for the sake of the art. And perhaps some free sangria.

Other things you need to know:

You must register your team through our online registration (below) along with the $29 deposit per team due time of registration. Teams are now required to provide their own pans – 26″ (65cm) or larger. Maximum 3 Team Mates per team are included with their admission to the event. Other supporting team members must purchase regular tickets (or see Team Special below).

IMPORTANT: Teams, please read the team Rules of Engagement and the Judging Criterion as there have been changes to the “Ready” times, pan sizing, etc.  Be sure to let us know the name of your team and members in the form below:

TEAMS! To see current team time/pit standing check out Team Lineup.

Two Step Team Registration Process:
Step 1) – Register Your Team:

CompetitionTeam Slots are now completely Filled – Standby and Non-Compete Only

Team Name (required)

Team Captain (required)

Team Email (required)

Team Phone Number (required)

Team Members (coma-separated) and other info

Pan Size

Paella Style (required)
TraditionalKeep Paella Weird


Due to a change in judging style, teams will now compete in one of three possible groups or "Heats", with 8-10 paellas per heat. Pick an available time for your paella to be judged.

DISCLAMER! You *MUST* select either Agree or Disagree with the following "Our team has read, agree and will abide with the Rules of Engagement and understand the Judging Criterion of Paella Lovers United"

Teams must provide a valid and working email address to receive their tickets. Users will need to download and print out their own tickets or have ready to show scan code via their smart phone. Scan codes must be presented at the gate to gain entry. You will receive your e-ticket immediately upon payment. If not, please check your spam folder (if you have one) – if that still didn’t work, please Contact Us.    Only one (1) Paella Team Bundle can be purchased per team.  Subsequent Team Bundle purchases will be refunded.   (See Team Special below)

Step 2) – Pay your Registration Fee:

*** Standby Team Tickets Only ***

You can conveniently pay by credit card through our secure PayPal® service. Please note that you do NOT need to have a PayPal account. You can pay directly with any credit card. All transaction are simple, safe and secure.

Or, for those that simply wish to pay by regular mail, please download the Pay by Mail form and send check or money order to the address shown no later than Oct 23, 2018. Be sure to include a addressed, stamped envelope.

Standby Team Tickets
Standby or NON-Compete Teams must first purchase regular “Standby Team” Tickets.  Unfortunately, this must be at full price per team member.  However, if a compete position does open up, Paella Lovers United WILL refund up to Three Standby member tickets and allow Teams to switch to the Team Bundle (Bundle of 3 members) at the reduced price. Standby Tickets will allow regular entry to the event even if not chosen for competition.

Team Tickets =>  Paella Team (Bundle of 3 members)
One and Only one (1) Paella Team Bundle per team is permitted.


**** TEAM SPECIAL ****
Base teams are limited to 3 included members – this year we are continuing to offer teams an option to add up to 3 “extra” adult members to their teams at a reduced price special. This is a limited offer once per team. Our way of saying thanks to our teams. ONLY the team captain who registered can do this. Once a team has both registered and paid their deposit your special code will be emailed to you.
Promo codes can only be used once.

Teams – Please do not purchase more than one Paella Team Bundles as they will be promptly refunded and will not be valid at the gate.

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