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General Ticket sales for Paella Lovers United 2016 event available now.  Absolutely NO ticket sales at the gate.  Only pre-paid and ticketed entrants can enter – wristbands must be worn at the event.

Reserved.  We have a limited number of Advanced sale reserved tables (only 5 available) for those wishing to hold them.  Reserved tables will include eight adult tickets/seats and two complimentary bottles of wine and one wine Porron serving decanter.  Goes on sale Aug 1, 2016.

Adults (16+)                $57 [Sold Out]
Children(7-15):           $20 [Sold Out]
Teams (Bundle of 3):  $29 [Sold Out]
Reserved VIP Table:   $625 (seats 8) [Sold Out]
Sponsorship booth:    $200 for 10×10  or  $300 for 10×20
(All transactions include service fee)

Two ways to pay:  Either through Ticketbud



Or through the form below:

DISCLAIMER:By accepting this invitation and in consideration for attending such party, you are agreeing to be solely responsible and liable, and to hold the host(s) of the Party the subject of this invitation (hereinafter “the Party”) harmless, for any and all damage, whether to person, property, or other, and whether under tort, contract, statutory or any other legal theory, which may occur, directly or indirectly, as a result of any action or inaction on your part, or as a result of any action or inaction on the part of any person whom you invite or inform of the Party. Children will be the responsibility of those who brought them.

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